Virtual Server (VPS)

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Customized Sizing Single Instance VM
Standalone virtual image that contain the operating system (Windows, Linux etc).

A dedicated virtual server (VPS) for any purpose, ready in minutes


OS & Application Licensing

Zettagrid over 80 compatible operating systems template and application software bundle you can choose it.

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What is the difference between a Virtual Server (VPS) and VDC?





Service Description
Service Level Guarantee 99.9%
Live Chat Support Included
Email Support Included
Phone Support Included
Service Status Included
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Support Availability 24×7
Typical Provisioning Timeframe 15 minutes
Self Service Portal Yes
Administrator Portal Yes
Scale Resources Up/Down 24×7
HA capacity for automatic recovery of failed hosts and VMs Included
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Ability to provision custom sized VMs Included
Ability to hot-add NIC, memory, VMDK and vCPUs to running VMs Not Included
Direct machine level console access Included
VMs Monitoring Tools Included
Max vCPU Per VM 24 vCPU
Max RAM Per VM 64 GB
Max Size Per Virtual Disk 20 TB
OS Images Supported 80+
3rd Party Application Licences Microsoft, Citrix, F5, Riverbed, Cisco, Trend, Redhat
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BYO Licence (Micorosft Licence Mobility) Not Available
API Available Not Available
Data Ownership Guarantee Yes
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Data Transfer
VM to VM Data Transfer No Charge
Intra Zone Data Transfer No Charge
Dedicated Fibre into Zettagrid Data Transfer No Charge
VMware NSX Gateway Additional Charge
Private Subnets Supported Single
Multiple Private Subnets No
Create Separate Networks for groups of VM’s No
VLANs Supported Single
Stretched Layer 2 extension from enterprise network to public cloud
Retain the same IP/MAC address, firewall/NAT rules
Not Available
BGP Integration Avaliable
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MPLS Network Integration Available
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Security and Compliance
PCI-DSS Compliant Yes
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Data Sovereignty Guarantee Yes
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Data Ownership Guarantee Yes
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Other Information
Pricing Catalog Available
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